Student Supervision Policy and Procedures   

Supervising teachers are required to:

Wear a safety vest obtained from the staff room.

Be out on the playground by the designated time (8:30 am, 10:30 am, 12:15 pm, 3:05 pm).

Be punctual.

Be an active supervisor – try to anticipate dangerous situations. Circulate from the field, to the forest, to the climbing apparatus area, the rock river, the washrooms, and back to the field.  

Be the last person to enter the school.

Ensure that the door is closed behind you.

Require students to ask permission to use the outside washrooms before entering, and ensuring the doors to the building remain open at all times.

Ensure that the safety patrol students perform their roles as expected.

Ensure that the students show respect to their patrollers.

All other teachers are required to:

Move to their classrooms when the bell rings.

Greet students in the hallways or doorway when you first see them in the morning.

Ensure students remain in the school until the 3:05 bell rings, unless it’s a special occasion.   

Before School Care Students: Are expected to play outside on the playground under regular teacher supervision starting at 8:30.

After School Care Students: Are expected to play outside in front of the school only – not on the field or playground – from 3:05 until 3:15 under regular teacher supervision. They must then return inside to the office area. At this point, they are under the supervision of the After School Care program supervisor. They are then escorted to a designated classroom space for their snack and afternoon programs.       

Teachers are required to be in the school and available to parents, students or the principal at least one half hour before and one half hour after designated school hours, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Teachers are required to be available to help students with either secular or religious education issues, individually and in small groups.

Supervision of students in the gym, library, computer lab, activity room, hallways, classrooms, playground, church, sporting events, and fieldtrips is also required. Policy adopted December 8, 2015

Procedures in the Event of an Accident

Staff members assess the student and do a rapid body search. They get help if needed and send a student if no other adult is nearby.

A first responder brings the student to the First Aid Room and attends to them. We use a revised form to make a second assessment.

First responder: Calls the parent, or has the office notify the parent that the student is injured, if it warrants immediate communication. All head injuries are reported to parents.

- fills out remainder of the accident report form.

- checks to see if parents have been notified.

- gives copy of the form to the classroom teacher.

Classroom teacher/office staff monitor pain levels.

Classroom teacher puts note (“ouch report”) in child’s agenda or zipper bag to let parents know what happened if a phone call is deemed unnecessary.

Classroom teacher or principal call parents to check on progress of student, depending on the nature of the injury. *Additionally: First Aid Training is renewed every three years. Staff will participate in review training provided by the public health nurse in September, which is further reviewed in January and late March. Procedures are reviewed monthly at Early Dismissal Staff Meetings.