All children are expected to respect God, others, themselves and the property belonging to others and to themselves. Appropriate action will be taken in the event this is not done. Parents will be informed. Students should conduct themselves in accordance with the school wide expectation and settings matrix and follow the Code of Conduct guidelines contained in the student agenda/planner.

A. Office Referrals

May be given at the discretion of the individual teacher. These are meant to help the child see how they could have made different choices and to design an action to restore any relationship that has been marred by unexpected school behaviour.

B. St. Francis de Sales Policy on Suspension & Expulsion

The CISVA Policy No. 426 Suspension and Expulsion is followed. In addition, in accordance with principles of natural justice and procedural fairness, any behaviors identified through the school
Office Referral system may constitute reason for suspension or expulsion. Each case will be determined by the principal on an individual basis. Parents will be notified in writing. Any appeal of the suspension/expulsion must be submitted to the PEC chair in writing within 7 days.