(As per CISVA Policy Manual, Policy No. 302 Major Complaints, see Appendix C)

Most complaints can find an easy resolution by discussing the problem with the person directly involved first. When you have a complaint about an issue at school please make an appointment to speak to the staff member concerned first.

If the outcome of your meeting does not meet your satisfaction, place your complaint in writing and submit it to the office for the principal to review. The principal will clarify the issue of disagreement to determine what policy/policies of the school or CISVA can be applied to resolve the issue. An appointment will be arranged with the principal to discuss your concerns. The principal will provide a resolution to the issue. After the principal has made a judgment on the issue, both parties will be promptly notified of the resolution in writing.

If the principal’s resolution is not accepted, the matter may be appealed to the Parish Education Committee. The appeal must be submitted in writing no more than seven days after the principal’s decision has been received. Upon receiving the complaint, the Parish Education Committee will form a subcommittee with authority to make a decision regarding the appeal.

If your issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction then you may write an appeal to the Board of Directors.