Since field trips are of both educational and recreational nature, the students are encouraged to participate; however, the final decision is left to the parents. Students must have the written consent of parents to participate. Permission slips must be signed and returned to school.

  1. Take a head count prior to leaving the classroom and report to the office.
  2. It is recommended that in primary there be one supervisor/6 children; in intermediate one/ten. For Primary special needs one supervisor/2 children.
  3. Have the children in pairs (buddied).
  4. The method of transportation for a field trip shall be at the discretion of the classroom teacher based on the circumstances of the particular event and will be approved by the Principal.
  5. All drivers have a valid B.C. driver’s license, and carry valid insurance.
  6. Pick up children from the classroom. Be sure students return with the drivers they went with unless officially reassigned by classroom teacher. (Teachers, list those who are travelling in each vehicle and send to the office). Drivers must carry the student ID provided by the teacher with them in their vehicle. This should only be opened in case of emergency and must be returned to the school at the conclusion of the field trip. Requests for specific drivers will not be considered if not requested in writing at least 24 hours in advance of the field trip. All children shall be properly restrained with a seat belt (one belt per child) and booster seat if applicable and no children shall be driven to events in any front passenger seat with an airbag
  7. Be sure to notify teacher if parent is taking his/her child directly home from a field trip / sports event.
  8. Children are to be driven directly back to the school immediately following the field trip / sports event (no side trips).
  9. Primary children must be accompanied by a supervisor to the washroom. Intermediate students to be accompanied by another student.
  10. Classroom teacher should carry complete ID lists and First Aid bags on every field trip and do a head count at least every hour.
  11. All students should have tags with the school name and telephone
    number only.
  12. Those who are in charge (both supervisors and teachers) must be
    attentive to the needs of the students rather than socialize with each
  13. When a field trip return is much later (1/2 hour) than expected, have a
    contact person notify parents of those on field trip. 
  14. Be prepared to assist immediately in the case of an emergency.
  15. Swim Regulations – Children 7 and under and/or under 48” tall must be accompanied by a parent or other designated adult, if they wish to swim. The ratio is 1 adult to three children.
  16. Siblings may not accompany classes on field trips when the parent is
    attending as a supervisor.

Please note for your peace of mind, there is additional liability coverage provided for volunteer drivers up to $10,000,000 through I.C.B.C./Archdiocese policy.