Hours fall into the category of parent participation or fundraising. They may be completed in either term. 

Please be sure that your hours are completed and recorded using the ON VOLUNTEERS system implemented in 2018. Your current email should have been sent to [email protected] so that a profile could be created.

When logging your hours - which you must do as soon as they are completed, rather than leaving all the inputting until May -  indicate if the work you did was for a fundraising event so you can get credit for having taken part in a fundraiser which is expected of every family. 

Please check the school OnVolunteers system regularly for duties or requests that will help fulfill participation or fundraising hours throughout the year. New opportunities to volunteer will be posted here.

Important Details 

A total of 50 volunteer hours are required for each family for the school year. Failure to complete these will result in forfeiting the post-dated cheques submitted with your registration package in January. (There are some exceptions to this policy in special circumstances and they shall be decided on an individual basis at the principal's discretion in consultation with the PEC.)

Children are not permitted to accompany parents while fulfilling parent participation or fundraising duties (per PEC decision 6/01).  

Only the physical fundraising hours may be transferred on to parent participation hours. (Donations can only be applied to fundraising hours.)

You will be notified in May if your cheque will be cashed in June.