Please click this link to go to the SfdS participation program catalogue.

  1. The goal of the participation program is to involve as many of the SFdS families in the various events and activities throughout the school year, requiring a minimum commitment of 50 hours per family.   
  2. Each family is expected to include at least one (1) of the four (4) main fundraisers as part of the 50 hours participation requirement.
  3. Please check OnVolunteers regularly as new participation opportunities will be posted here.
  4. Participation hours should be accurately reported via OnVolunteers as they are completed throughout the school year. 
  5. Reported participation hours are subject to Activity Coordinators' approval.
  6. Failure to meet the minimum 50 hours participation requirement is subject to a participation and/or fundraising fee.  (Post-dated cheques submitted as part of registration packages in January).  Families will be notified in May if their cheques will be cashed.  (Exceptions to this policy may apply in extenuating circumstances at the Principal's discretion through consultation with the PEC).
  7. Donations are welcome and accepted, and can be applied towards the fundraising participation requirement.
If you have any questions regarding the Family Participation Program or OnVolunteers, please contact us at [email protected]com.