We take pride in our appearance!

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Kindergarten to Grade 7 Uniforms


Tunic   - Coquhan plaid tunic (Kindergarten – Grade 3)
Skirt    - Coquhan plaid kilt (Grades 4 – 7)

Socks - Navy knee high socks only
Tights  - Navy tights only

Blouse - Uniform blouse, short or long sleeve, white only or white golf shirt with school crest
Sweater - Navy, crested cardigan or V-neck pullover


Pants - Navy twill dress pants or navy cords
Shirt   - Dress shirt, short or long sleeved, white only or white golf shirt with school crest
Socks - Navy socks only
Sweater -  Navy, crested cardigan or V-neck pullover


T-shirt - Oxford grey, crested; walkathon shirts acceptable
Shorts - Navy, from Neat Uniforms
Track Suit - Navy – optional for gym, mandatory for all children participating in team sports
Socks  - Navy Sports Socks – optional 


Two pair of running shoes – one pair for gymnasium, one pair for outside wear. Dress shoes – navy or black shoes for indoor wear – no plastic shoes or pastel colours.


Girls Navy walking shorts with cuff (from Neat Uniforms)
Boys Navy walking shorts without cuff (from Neat Uniforms)
Boys & Girls navy ankle socks may be worn with the shorts
Note: Girls may not wear pants under their uniforms during class time.


No jewelry is permitted other than a stud or small hoops for pierced ears, medical alert bands, watches and crosses.
Make-up, including nail polish, is not permitted.
No artificial colouring of hair is allowed.
Hair accessories must be one of the following colors: Coquhan tartan, black, navy blue, dark green, white or dark red. (revised Policy Handbook – June 2007)

*Grade 7 students order class sweatshirts, designed by a student in the class, for wearing after November; school sweaters are still expected to be worn at Friday Masses, at the Mission Day Mass, and at the Chancellor Music Festival.