The Parish Education Committee is the local representative of the CISVA Board of Directors and is composed of seven members.

Five are elected and two (Chair and Treasurer) are appointed by the Pastor.

The term of office shall be two years, renewable three times consecutively (maximum of eight years.)

The committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each school month starting at 6:30 pm.

Each member is given specific duties namely:

·  Chairperson

·  Vice-Chairperson/Society Delegate

·  Secretary

·  Facilities and Maintenance

·  Treasurer

·  Event Planning Committee Liaison/Parent Participation

·  Community Engagement/Parent Participation

*  For further details of role expectations, see the download section below the meeting minutes.

**You may also be asked to serve on subcommittees, such as the hiring subcommittee.   

***Specific roles, with the exception of chair and treasurer who are appointed, are determined at the first PEC meeting in September this year. 

Feedback, comments and suggestions about fundraising and school events can be sent to

[email protected]