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Thank you, Everyone….

 …for your dedication and hard work leading up to, and on the day of, our largest fundraising event of the school year – Walkathon 2019!

Without your desire to make this event a successful one we could not have accomplished what we did in such a short amount of time. Please know that every one of you played a huge role in this event, and your children will benefit from all of the time that you devoted to our Walkathon. In particular, we are grateful to Maria Ilagan for being the chief organizer of this event for the first time, building on the success of former parent coordinators, Amaya Bosa and Samantha Coletta. Helping her in an invaluable way was Hanna Critoph, to whom we are also immensely thankful. 

Please see how much support we received from various members of the wider community:

BC Lions
Burnaby Self-defence Gracie Jiu Jitsu
Clip N Climb
Glow Christmas
Harvestland (The Social Concierge)
HR MacMillan Space Centre
Save-on-Foods (Highgate)
Vancouver Whitecaps
Soccer Shots Metro Vancouver
Wings Burnaby
Hesta Kwok - Canucks tix
Kimberly Tada - Whitecaps tix
Liza Lino - VSO tix
You will find details of all our expenses in the PEC minutes published in December, after they are approved upon presentation at the November meeting. We can share that the total raised after disbursements was in excess of $56 000! Pledges brought in by the students totaled a whopping $57,608.26!! Special mention goes to the Grade 7 class, who alone raised over $17 000!