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This year we collected $921.38 from our students who were asked to bring a toonie to school in exchange for leaving their uniforms at home. This is more than the $851.10 we donated to the Terry Fox Foundation last year.

We were blessed with sunshine and the generous help of our staff and the parents in our school who kept us safe as we crossed over Kingsway and made our way to the running trail. Special mention goes to Patrick in grade 7 who ran continuously, completing approximately nine full laps of our marked section of the path; he was kep on his toes by his fellow determined classmate, Avraham.  Mrs. Knoll and Mrs. Franklin also deserve commendation for the leadership they showed in running with our students.

Congratulations to Gabriel in grade 6 who was the lucky winner in this year's draw for the coveted Terry Fox Foundation t-shirt.

Thank you for your financial sacrifice. (Feel free to still contribute if you accidentally forgot. You can also support our school's efforts by donating at: