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School starts at 8:50 now!

Due to the necessity of providing staff with an additional professional day this year, we need to add five minutes a day to our schedule in order to arrive at the required minimum of 900 minutes/year. Therefore, as of Monday the school bell will ring at 8:50 a.m.

Puncuality Matters

We have noticed that many of our students arrive late for school on a regular basis. This makes it a challenge to start the day on a positive note. Children may miss out on joining with classmates in prayer. It sends an unintended message that school is not important.

Please devise a home schedule that ensures your children begin their day with some time to reconnect with their peers before class starts. Bringing them at 8:30 when supervision is provided is strongly recommended. This aligns with our agreed upon shared core values:

F -  Faith:       Living actions that show confidence and trust in the love of God

L -  Learn:      Developing creative and critical thinkers whose actions contribute 

                        to a better world

A -  Achieve:  Committing and focusing on reaching our goals

M -  Mercy:     Demonstrating the love and forgiveness of Jesus 

                        with one another every day

E -  Engage:   Choosing to be actively involved in the life of our school

S -  Serve:      Seeking and accepting the call to act for the greater good