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Walk with Jesus, our living hope!

Dear Parents,

Good habits…Now that it’s officially 2021, let’s be sure to remember some simple basics: arrange your morning schedule so that your children arrive in time for school to start. Avoid dropping off your children in the laneway on rainy days. It’s not safe. Send your children to school prepared for the weather: extra socks, boots, extra pants (if your children are the type to play hard and get wet during breaks), warm jackets, hats, mittens, umbrellas. These all make a difference. There’s no such thing as ‘bad weather’, only inappropriate clothing, or so it’s been said.

With gratitude…we are so humbled by your generosity to us at Christmas. Your many kindnesses, cards and gifts are much appreciated and really make us feel appreciated. Thank you so very much for taking the time to do this!

School Safety - Thank you to everyone who is diligently submitting the required forms when your children are absent from school. Please continue to do so. Also, ensure your children are free from COVID symptoms and submit the required form letting us know you are taking responsibility for this.

Virtue of the Month - In our Virtues in Practice program, January is the month to focus on FIDELITY, defined as being faithful to promises and commitments. A parenting challenge is to have some conversations with your children about times in your life when this made a difference to your overall happiness. The saints we are learning about are Saint Cecilia, Blesseds Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi, and Saint Gianna Molla. Ask your children what they have learned about these role models.

(Reminder) School Reregistration: 2021 - We anticipate that packages will go home in the third week of January. Please be on the lookout for them. If you have a child that’s eligible for kindergarten, please contact the school office.

For your calendar: Please note that next Friday, Jan. 15 is dedicated to a staff retreat, meaning there will be no school for students. We know we can count on your prayers for us on this day. Thank you in advance!

Hot Lunch - Stay tuned for more information. We hope to be able to offer this service starting at the beginning of February up until the end of March if parent volunteers are able and willing to sacrifice their time and energy.

Changes coming…to the format of our school newsletter. This is in response to feedback we’ve received and in the hopes that we can increase the likelihood of parents reading the information we dispense. We will ask for more feedback in due time, so stay tuned. Starting next week, information will be coming on Wednesdays from now on.