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FISA encourages independent schools to share this information with their parent community, as studies have confirmed that BC independent school families are strongly influenced by a political party’s position on independent school issues and, as a subset of the BC electorate, they are substantially more likely to vote in elections.  While we recognize that independent schools are always very busy and dynamic places - and exponentially more so during a pandemic, we are asked to consider what we might be able to do to create a heightened level of civic responsibility and action among our community constituents.

Therefore, we are sharing these party responses and encouraging you to engage with the candidates from your local riding as simple steps independent schools can take to help our respective constituencies become aware of the provincial partys' and their local candidates’ views regarding public support of independent schools.

There is also the added time pressure brought on by a “snap” election call and the pandemic. While the official election date is October 24th, it is anticipated that record numbers of British Columbians will access mail-in voting and advance polling opportunities. Therefore, FISA asks that sharing this information in a timely manner be a priority for all our member schools.