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Our grade 6 team played enthusiastically in the Our Lady of Mercy gym yesterday and proved that winning is possible depite the numbers on the scoreboard. The girls recognized that their communication was better than it used to be, they managed to move their feet more, and demonstrated more assertiveness when attempting to get to the ball when it came in their direction. Despite the challenge of the low ceiling, more of the girls' serves made it over the net and they were proud of how well they encouraged each other as the games progressed.

These are the ways in which the team showed they uphold our school values: Faith, Learn, Achieve, Mercy, Engage and Serve. The team is learning to play the sport of volleyball at a higher level, together they are trying to achieve greater skills and school spirit, they show mercy toward one another when a mistake is made and demonstrate engagement by committing to the team and representing SFDS School in a way that makes us proud.