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Congratulations to:

Duretti from Grade 6A who finished in sixth place at the CISVA Spelling Bee, competing in Zoom format which brought its challenges but meant she could do her best from the comfort of our own dear school. Duretti practised diligently since winning the SFDS school bee and can feel very proud of the fact that she attained and surpassed the goal she set for herself. She is living our core values: #learn #achieve #engage

We were blessed to have Monsignor Greg Smith take on the role of pronouncer; his moving opening prayer reminded us of the importance of the Word (logos), and how Jesus is the Word of God made human. Thank you to St. Michael's School for being the driving force behind the continuation of this opportunity for students to represent their schools and expand their capacity for language. Thank you also to Mrs. Taylor who manages this experience at our local school, and to all the classroom teachers for doing their part to ensure that students know that 'spelling counts'!