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Make dental, hearing and vision checks part of a healthy routine

Health screenings help find issues early which can make treatment easier and more effective. It’s important for your child to have regular eye exams and routine dental checkups. It is also important to recognize any hearing loss early as this is essential for speech and language development. Read on to learn when and how to access services for your child.


Tooth decay is the most common, but preventable, childhood chronic disease. It is important to establish good oral hygiene at a young age and have children’s teeth checked by a dentist regularly. To find a local dentist near you who is accepting new patients, visit the BC Dental Association's Find a Dentist database. If you are a member of a low-income family and you do not have extended health coverage, there are several programs that can help you access affordable dentistry for your children. You can also contact the dental program at your local public health unit and ask about resources available in your community.


BC Doctors of Optometry recommends children receive their first eye exam when they are six to nine months old with a follow up exam at least once between the ages of two and five and then yearly once they enter school. You can find an optometrist accepting new patients near you at the College of Optometrists of British Columbia's Find an Optometrist database. In B.C., basic eye exams, one per year, are free up to the age of 18. Some optometrists may charge a small user fee of about $35 per visit so be sure to ask about any fees before you make an appointment.


Good hearing is essential for speech and language development and plays an important part in a child's social and emotional growth. It is important to recognize hearing loss early and seek out testing and treatment if needed. Fraser Health’s Public Health community audiologists provide hearing services for children from birth to 19 years of age. If you have a concern about your child's hearing, referrals can be made by a parent or caregiver, a health care provider or education professional to your local public health audiology (hearing) clinic.

Find more information on child health screenings and how to access free vision, hearing and dental exams on Fraser Health’s website: