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 Students will be sharing their progress with you in Zoom format this year, rather than parents visiting the school in person. Be on the lookout for an invitation (like the one we issued in the fall) for you to schedule time with your child’s teacher(s). As well, you will receive materials to examine ahead of time that will inform your contributions to the discussion (which your child will lead) between the teacher and yourselves. (The format will be different to allow for children’s development, such that in Kindergarten and Grade 1, for example, the instructions you receive from the teacher will not be the same as for an older student.) Expect to interact with your child’s teacher for 10 of the 15 scheduled minutes that you will sign up for; this is to accommodate the time it takes to sign in/out of a Zoom meeting. Please allow your child - who will be prepared ahead of time by the teacher - to take the lead in the discussion.

Note that students will not be present in the building today.