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We aim to achieve a proficient understanding of .... :

Big Ideas: Learning about Indigenous peoples nurtures multicultural awareness and respect for diversity.

Indigenous knowledge is passed down through oral history, traditions, and collective memory.

Indigenous societies throughout the world value the well-being of the self, the land, spirits, and ancestors.

Curricular Competencies: Explain why people, events, or places are significant to various individuals and groups.

Explain why people’s beliefs, values, worldviews, experiences, and roles give them different perspectives on people, places, issues, or events.

Make value judgments about events, decisions, or actions, and suggest lessons that can be learned.  

Catholic Principles of Learning:                                                                

(L) LOVE Catholic Education calls us to witness that God is love; and therefore, recognizes the inherent dignity of every human person, especially the marginalized and most vulnerable.

(I) INALIENABLE Catholic Education promotes that “the right and the duty of parents to educate their children are primordial and inalienable” and “parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children” (CCC 2221, 2223).

(C) COMMUNION/COMMUNITY Catholic Education is inclusive and welcoming where every student is nurtured in developing a right relationship with God and others by balancing the rights of the individual with the Common Good.

SFDS Core ValuesLearn - Developing creative and critical thinkers whose actions contribute to a better world. Engage - Choosing to be actively involved in the life of our school