Our Preschool is a 2.5 hour play-based program. Preschool 3 year old classes are 2 afternoons a week, Tuesday and Thursday and Preschool 4 year old classes are 5 mornings a week from Monday through Friday or 3 afternoons, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The daily schedule includes free play, snack time, and outside play, weather permitting.

Both classes have a maximum class size of 20 students, taught by 2 Early Childhood Educators and managed by Mrs. Irene Wihak, Principal of St. Francis de Sales School.

The curriculum promotes and includes theme-based activities integrated to support all areas of childhood development. To further their learning, Preschool 4 classes will attend organized field trips to nearby areas and receive special visitors when applicable to better understand a particular topic of study.

Our Philosophy

We believe every child is unique in terms of experiences, development, culture, and family dynamics. Partnership between school and families is essential to the optimal growth and development of young children.

We believe children learn through play and interacting with their environment. We try to make the most of a child's natural inclination to play and explore by providing many planned activities and learning materials to enhance their development.

Our goals are to help facilitate the development of creative thought, problem solving, self-confidence, and independence in a high quality program. Research has shown that children who have early learning opportunities in a hands –on, challenging, and inviting atmosphere have higher levels of academic success and a solid foundation for learning in years to come.


Three year olds  2 days (PM) 12:30-3:00 Tuesday and Thursday
Four year olds  5 days (AM) 9:00-11:30 Monday to Friday
   3 days (PM) 12:30-3:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Registration fees

The following are our monthly fees for our pre-school.

Three year olds (2 days)  $165.00 – Registered and participating parishioners
$185.00 – All others
Four year olds (5 days) $377.00 – Registered and participating parishioners
$396.00 – All others
Four year olds (3 days)

$227.00 – Registered and participating parishioners

$250.00 - All others 

Government Childcare Subsidy

Registration is ongoing!

Please fill out a Pre-School Wait List Registration Form for space in our 3 year old or 4 year old classes.  To register for our pre-school, please contact the school office to arrange for an interview with the Principal if space becomes available.