Meetings are usually held every second Wednesday of each month (September to June) at 6:30pm in the Staff Room. The role of the PEC is to assist the Pastor and support the Principal in the operation of the school as per the CISVA Policy Book. It is composed of seven members. Five are elected and two are appointed by the Pastor as per the CISVA Policy. Members are elected/appointed for 2 year terms on a rotating basis for a maximum of 4 consecutive terms. Monthly Agendas/Minutes are posted on the hallway bulletin board.

Mandatory General Parent Meetings

There will be a minimum of one mandatory general parent meeting held each year for the purpose of re-registration, discussing the school's finances, fundraising, school policies and parent participation. It is a very important mandatory meeting that at least one parent or legal guardian from each family must attend. Please note that the compulsory nature of this meeting is also indicated in the Family Statement of Commitment put out by the Archdiocese and signed by all parents of children attending a CISVA school.